1/ Honor friends and biz’es for their eco actions/choices by giving them art, words, music, kisses, credit$, temp tattoos or other EarthE rewards that you create, get from here or find elsewhere. >>
2/ Challenge friends and biz’es to take eco actions/choices, then honor their successes with awards, handshakes, eco money, cheers or other EarthE goodies that you create, get from here or find elsewhere. Or, ask them what they would like from you, in return for them taking the eco action. >>
3/ Share your words, art, music and other ideas about how you honor or challenge others — via email, your blog, and our Facebook and Flick’r groups. >>
4/ Pledge to give an EarthE reward or EarthE challenge every day. Print-out the pledge card for yourself and for friends. >>
5/ Businesses can use the EarthE Credit/ Discount to thank ecological customers. >>

Eperk: Post your own eco actions on EarthE Facebook each month so EarthE.org can thankyou for your eco actions – and you might win some cool stuff and $.

So dive into EarthE.org to help manifest a world that honors people for taking actions that help the planet, and for not taking actions that hurt the planet.


Honor. There are thousands of great ways to honor your friends and others for helping protect our exquisite biosphere. You decide whether it’s a song that you sing, a signed EarthE award, a handmade card, a party, a picnic, a future story, a foot massage, a flower or a drawing. Or you can give an EarthE kiss, a picture, a joke, a poem, the EarthE handshake or a rootbeer float.

Whether you are using your talent to give EarthEs or use the EarthEs you get here, have fun cheering on your friends and even strangers when they take eco actions.

For the brave, dress up as XOEarth Man or EarthE Woman when you thank people for their eco actions. Or, call on Boulder’s EarthE Man to come sing EarthE awards live or via video for your friends or employees.

Remember to give EarthE’s to yourself for your own eco actions.

EarthE Environmental Awards and Money are a classy ways to honor others for making ecological choices or for taking environmental actions. To use them, print-out out one or more of the sweet looking Earth E Environmental Award/ Money designs and then award them to eco friends, eco employees and others.

Preview & Print EarthE Environmental Awards/ Money

When awarding an Earth E Environmental Award or Money, it’s nice to write the person’s name, the eco action they have taken and your signature on the front or back.

Those who receive an EarthE Award/ Money from you that includes their name, the completed eco action they have taken and your signature, can exchange it for an EarthE Credit at participating businesses.

The EarthE Handshake is a excellent way to acknowledge eco actions. To do the EarthE Handshake, interlace all the fingers to symbolize Team, Art, Logic and Love** for the planet. >>

The EarthE Kiss for a nice way to honor eco actions too. Learn how to do this eco kiss that’s safe for workplace and everywhere. >>

Explore Earth E Art/ Word for a myriad of creative eco rewards to give others via dance, art, song, gifts, cheers and XOs. >>

EarthE Eco Challenges are invitations to friends and others to take a groovy eco action, along with a promise to reward their action with an EarthE. >>

EarthE Credit/ Discount is a credit that businesses give to eco customers if they bring in a *Love letter to the Earth* stating what they have done for the planet in the last week, or, bring in eco money that they have received from others for their eco actions.

Eco conscious business’s are also invited to check out GreenBeanz — an EarthE Credit sister project. >>

EarthE Honors Pledge card ::
Print and sign a membership pledge/ card if you want to take the EarthE Honors pledge. Feel free to print extras to invite others to sign too. >>

front of card

Go to the Card print page to print the card, to get tips for printing and read the text version.

Printing a one-sided card is super fine. However, feel free to print the back-side too if you would like your card to more fully describe EarthE Honors.

Here are the direct links to the 3 print-pages ::

#10 The EarthE Honors pledge/ card print-page #10 has 10 cards per print page. >>

#8 The EarthE Honors pledge/ card print-page #8 has 8 cards per page. >>

#4 EarthE Honors pledge/ card print-page #4 with 4 cards per page. >>

back of card

EarthE Bracelets, Necklaces and Headbands are a breeze to make and are another super way to acknowledge eco friends. >>

XOEarth Man can sing eco challenges and/or give EarthE Awards at your biz, school or party — in person, via video, or via a custom video. Or, become an XO Earth Man or Woman yourself.

Ideas for what to say when giving EarthEs ::
“Here’s an EarthE to thank you for taking that eco action for our planet.” (such as biking to work, using a clothesline, carrying re-usable food containers, using compact fluorescents, completing an EarthE Challenge)
“Here’s an EarthE (environmental award) to honor you for completing the *eco challenge* that I gave you.”
“Here’s an EarthE to thank you for the next nice thing you do for the planet.”
“Tell me about something cool you have done for the planet in the last month, and I’ll give you an EarthE.”
Paste an Earth E Environmental Award or Money into an email or blog with a message saying, “Thank’s for taking that cool eco action.”

EarthE Games are environmental games that you can play anywhere to give friends a chance to win cool things for taking eco actions. >>

EcoLotto is our free $4,444 lottery we started to honor you and your friends for taking eco actions. It’s free to enter.>>

Do an EarthE Twinkle to thank businesses and friends for the environmental actions they take as a result of your requests – or as a result of an Occupy business action.

Before taking an Occupy action, talk with the store or biz manager to ask them to take the specific environmental action(s). Offer to give them an EarthE Award and/or other rewards for completing the eco action.

If a business refuses to do what is ecological and fair, then Occupy the sidewalk in front of their business. Then, once they do make the environmental change in their business, joyfully give them an EarthE Award, Twinkle and/or another reward you have created. more >>

“Give an EarthE a day to help keep pollution, cancer, extinction and other ickies away.”

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